It's Friday, the kids aren't screaming, I'm having my tea while it's still hot (what?!), and I woke to being featured at the lovely Ali Benyon's blog: Surface Pattern Designers Top Tips Blog - Part 2 alongside a handful of designers I admire a great deal. It's even raining today! I love the rain <3

Take a moment to read through the tips found within, as several can be applied across creative industries outside of art licensing. Here are a few that really stood out for me:

"Colour matters. The first impression a consumer has of a product in the marketplace is colour. Think about when you are in a clothing store full of racks. You are drawn to the colour first. In most instances you can't see the print or cut of the garment until you investigate further. Dive into your colour palettes and understand the powerful message your colour choices can send." - Khristian A. Howell


"Fight through the bad bits. I seem to reach a point during almost every project where I think it’s hopeless and I ought to abandon it. I know now from experience that fighting through that feeling works and when I come out the other side I always have something I like, that by being challenged I was forced to problem solve and create something new." - Victoria Johnson


"Stop working when the inspiration is gone, don't try to force it. Go out for a walk, go shopping, have coffee with a friend. The time off will reset your brain and when you come back to it the ideas will start flowing." - Veronica Galbraith


"Be realistic - you can't do everything! I always want to do so many things at once but it is better to have a few fabulous designs than many that you are not quite happy with. Be patient…take small steps at a time and be kind to yourself." - Flora Waycott


"Never stop learning ~ experiment with new techniques, try different mediums and make marks. Try to learn a new trick everyday and don't forget to ask lots of questions along the way." - Julie Hamilton


Valerie Foster

Valerie is a California girl transplanted to Boston by way of France, Ireland and Scotland.