Let's try this again.

I want to blog, truly I do. I've tried to maintain a blog a few times in the past, but inevitably ran into the same issue again and again: I'm just not a blogger. I'm not a wordy person, I don't like fluff. These days however, I have a few new reasons to blog that may just motivate me after all.

Becoming a Mother is a whopper of a reason to blog. As I become increasingly annoyed with Facebook, I need to find an enjoyable way to chronicle the little things (OK I'm doing Project Life too). Now with baby #2 on the way later this month, it's time to quit messing around. This blog needs to happen.

The other obvious reason I have to blog is most likely the reason YOU are here (welcome, by the way!) . A lifetime of creative mess-making has brought me to this point in my career, and I'm so looking forward to sharing my work and my process with anyone who's interested. I've always got something going on.

So I can't promise new content at any specific interval, but I do plan to make it count when I do. Also expect this layout to be ever evolving. Thanks again for visiting, and I hope in time something here will drive you to de-lurk and say hello ^_^

Valerie Foster

Valerie is a California girl transplanted to Boston by way of France, Ireland and Scotland.